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I joined the Rococo team as an influencer marketing expert to add to their existing workforce made up of traditional PR professionals. This allowed the agency to offer new services to potential clients, thus generating more income.

DUring my time with Rococo I have worked with a wealth of clients covering not only influencer marketing, but also growing to offer social media management and digital PR through the agency itself. From cosmetic surgeons and dentists to period boxes and stylists, I have worked with a number of individuals and businesses to improve their online presence.

A recent campaign with The Wild Hearts Gang saw us work with influencers like Dr Emily Andre and Saira Khan who, on a gifted basis only, featured products on their social media and provided the brand with a write up in their columns, making for the perfect integrated awareness campaign on a non-existent budget.

If you are looking for white label support for your business based on any of my services, get in touch below.