Sahasra Beauty are a US-based beauty company who focus on the self care rituals which are associated with skincare and beauty, and with all of their raw ingredients imported from Bali, the brand really have something special to showcase.

In a highly saturated industry, Sahasra beauty got in touch to ask how I could aid their paid social campaigns, which weren’t generating the interest they had hoped, as I later found, this was mainly due to audience targeting issues.

After discussing an ideal outcome, I dove head first into Facebook business manager to do a full audit of the brand’s previous ads to try to spot the issue. From there, I created a full document for the team, outlining my findings from researching audience activity from competitor’s pages. This led me to suggesting a global audience for the brand, with interests, age range and placements taken directly from my findings.

Sahasra’s next paid campaign was a huge success, and we are now working together to create audiences based on certain products, locations and placements.

Are your paid ads not delivering as you feel they should? Let me take a look under the hood and provide some stellar solutions to get your ads back on the road.

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