September 2019

Girls out Loud are a non-profit based in the North West of England, aiming to improve confidence, self esteem and aspirations within teen girls in high school. Through the use of workshops and their 12-month Big Sister mentoring program, the non-profit so incredible work in helping predominantly 12 to 13 year olds find their voice.

I was first part of a Role Model Relay event in September 2019 and quickly started working closely with the core team on their social media strategy. Taking over from another freelance social media strategist, I kept to a similar design flow in order to create a smooth transition from one professional to another. Since then, I have created various ongoing campaigns such as vital statistics, inspirational teenagers, and the recently launched teen slang 101. I am creating daily content aimed at Big Sisters and corporate sponsors across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

My work with Girls Out Loud also saw me collaborate with a PR agency and videographer in order to create ongoing coverage of the Shining Stars Ball 2019. I was solely responsible for live action coverage throughout the night, including coverage of the awards ceremony. This coverage went out on Instagram and Facebook, with a story highlight saved of the best bits of the night. Following on from this, I also liaised with the other teams in order to launch long form content surrounding the ball throughout October.

The results from my work have been celebrated in various team meetings, and I have been praised by the non-profit’s founder, Jane Kenyon. It was recently reported that Big Sister sign ups have skyrocketed since I took over the accounts in September, providing the non-profit with a number of options for mentors going into 2020. Engagement has grown on every platform over the past 2 months, especially on Facebook where engagement grew up 100% in October alone, with reach also growing by 100% thanks to shareable content. The non-profit also reached an Instagram based milestone, breaking the 1,000 follower mark; a milestone they had been looking to reach for a number of months.

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