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Digital Marketing Tools Often Forgotten By The Third Sector

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

After working with a number of charities I've discovered that digital marketing is often at the bottom of the to-do list, but you can't be blamed, you're making a huge difference! However, this often means that new and exciting methods of digital marketing are left behind, with many charities still getting to grips with a strong social media strategy or not fully utilising their website.

These tools may help motivate you to get a better grasp on your digital marketing strategy by delivering real results and making digital marketing fun again.


Everyone and their dog is listening to podcasts these days (no really, there's podcasts for dogs). Podcasts are a great way to get your message across exactly how you want to, you're in total control. They're also an amazing way to present testimonials by inviting service users to talk about their experiences and how your organisation helped them out.

Podcast equipment may be an investment for your organisation, but by creating the right kinds of content and promoting it well, it is almost guaranteed that a podcast will take your charity to another level. If you're not ready to make an investment, why not ask to collaborate with local recording businesses?


Influencer marketing has gotten a bad name in the 2020s, however, it is worth remembering that even your local hairdresser is an influencer. Anyone who can spread a message to a wide audience is an influencer, so why not search for celebrities or local names who can support your cause?

It is likely there is an influencer out there who aligns with your cause who can share your fundraising links, host fundraising events or generally rave about your mission! British singer Ella Henderson supported my client Girls Out Loud earlier this year with an Instagram Live session including other female influencers, giving her viewers the chance to donate throughout the live stream. If an influencer believes in your cause, it is likely they will get involved.


Most websites in 2021 will have the capability to host a blog on-site, why not make the most of it? Not only does blogging keep your supporters updated with your work and views, it's also a great way to get seen on search engines. Writing keyword rich content can help you shoot up the Google rankings for the issues you tackle and what you believe in.

If you're struggling for content ideas, take a look at Answer the Public to find what people are searching based on your mission. Answer common questions to rack up views on your blog and get more people visiting your website.

Virtual Events

It's been a difficult 18 months for everyone but in the darkness some positives have come to light. It's now more acceptable to host online events rather than gathering everyone in one room, not only saving you money but also a lot of organising time.

Hosting Q&As or webinars have become the new normal in lockdown, but there's no reason as to why these virtual events can't continue in the future. Utilise your board, patrons and staff to talk or answer questions on what you do and what you have planned for the future, set a Zoom link up and get sharing on your socials! Charge a small donation for tickets to create a great fundraiser with little effort.


Social media is a key component of digital marketing but most third sector organisations will focus on the big three; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By utilising LinkedIn, you can target professionals and business owners to find new patrons or long term donors, or even collaborate on a fundraiser with a business which aligns with your cause.

LinkedIn may be arguably more powerful than Facebook in 2021 for organic marketing and could help you achieve better results than the social media giant. Algorithms are working against any business or organisation not paying for advertising on Facebook, so it might be time to focus your efforts on other platforms instead.

Play to your strengths

The best way to incorporate a new tool into your digital marketing arsenal is by picking the ones which fit your current strategy. If you're planning on telling more stories, choose podcasts. If you're already pushing hard on social media, you might want to explore a new platform.

Take a look at your team and see who could take on a new task, or hire a freelancer to support your team with a brand new angle. If you're looking for some support on utilising new digital marketing tools for your charity or non profit, get in touch and let's discuss your needs.


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