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Making TikTok Work for Charities

TikTok has become the most used website in the world, taking over Google's seemingly infinite reign; isn't it time your charity started tapping into the huge audience available to you on the platform?

It may seem like a scary step to join TikTok and start creating content that will resonate with your target audience, but there are a number of ways you can utilise TikTok for your third sector organisation without the need for glossy video production or expert team members. Let's take a dive into some of them now.

Video Production

It is widely known that TikTok does not favour high-budget, Insta-worthy videos and their algorithm much prefers raw, homemade videos. This makes TikTok the preferable platform to join if your organisation wants to delve into video content, rather than YouTube or Instagram. If your marketing team have access to a video phone then they will have all they need to start creating content today, don't worry about ring lights, microphones or other expensive equipment, that can come later but isn't totally necessary for success on TikTok.

Keep in mind that TikTok prefers the videos that wouldn't necessarily be signed off by executives and directors, so it might be worth talking to them about video quality first!


Many of the topics covered by charities (mental health, poverty, chronic illness, climate change etc.) are all already being spoken about on TikTok and have amassed a huge audience. With the app driven mostly by Gen Z, important global topics are discussed on a regular basis, providing service users, charities and third sector organisations with a safe space to talk about their needs and their work without judgement or the fear of being ignored.

Create a list of myths, questions and information your communications team have gathered during their time with your organisation and use them as a starting point for your charity to create informative and entertaining content on TikTok. Don't forget to get involved in trends too to be featured on the for you page.


Surprisingly, TikTok is one of the best platforms for fundraising in 2022, with the British Red Cross raising over £90,000 using an in-platform fundraising tool. The BRC collaborated with celebrities and influencers who used their fundraising sticker during lockdown which led to huge numbers of donations and interest as they were early adopters of the tool. While the interest around the tool may have died down, it is still an interesting way for your audience to donate to your organisation in a seamless and easy way without the need to leave the TikTok app. This could act as an amazing residual income for your charity, especially if you get ambassadors involved on the app.

Your Content Creators

The people who make your content don't necessarily need to be the people within your communications team. If you are short on time or resources, get your volunteers and service users involved (with their permission) to create content based on their experiences or questions they have had answered during their time with your organisations. This will allow people to see what really happens behind the scenes at your organisation and will give you truly raw content which TikTok users cannot get enough of.

If money isn't an issue, it could also be worth looking into hiring a TikTok native as an apprentice or through the government's Kickstarter scheme. Hiring a Gen Z member of staff to oversee your TikTok activity will ensure you are bang on trend and your organisation is posting content which will resonate with the majority of the platform's users. A native will always be able to create the best content whilst staying on brand.

Be Confident

Whether you're a native or a beginner, camera shy or a shining star, your charity can have success on TikTok so long as you are confident in your work. Be bold, be brash and don't be afraid to answer difficult or taboo questions. Ideas don't need to be discussed for weeks, pick up your phone and start recording to create the kind of content which will get you seen on TikTok; it could even become one of your fundraising team's best assets!

If you have more questions about how to create content and get seen on TikTok, let's chat. Get in touch on my contact page today.

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