Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant



Digital marketing is no longer for the brands who make the most money or have the right connections; digital marketing is about being smart with smaller budgets, building strong connections and most importantly, complete integrity. With a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest names in the UK and beyond, I have developed strategies which can help even the smallest brands have their voices heard by their ideal customer using one or a bespoke pick and mix of services.


Emily has been our social media genius for a few months now and I have no idea how we ever managed any of this before she came on board.  She is creative, honest, consistent and knows her stuff.
She is a joy to work with and a key member of our team.  Her ideas and passion for ensuring we are current and professional on all our social media platforms is tangible and she will always step up to support our wider marketing effort if we need her.  Simply put she grabs initiative by the horns and just makes it happen.  My kinda woman!

Jane Kenyon - Founder & CEO - Girls Out Loud


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